A Trauma-informed Approach Towards Job Seeker Success - August 15, 2019

Have you ever worked with clients who struggle with emotional regulation, poor attendance and a lack of buy in to your program?  A trauma-informed approach to working with these clients will help you to understand them in the context of their lives. This approach means moving from thinking “what’s wrong with them” to “what happened to them”, rolling with their resistance and helping them feel safe and cared for in your program.  In this webinar, you will take the first steps to learning about a trauma-informed approach and how to apply it in your work with clients to achieve better outcomes for your clients and greater success in your program.

In this webinar we will explore:

 OAFM AGM and Annual Conference - September 26 & 27

I will be presenting the workshop: “When and How to Proceed with Mediation when Mental Health and Addiction are Present.”

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I will be a guest on an episode of Family Law Now with Russell Alexander: “Top 10 Things you should know about a Family Professional in Collaborative Family Law.”

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