OAFM Conference

Jonathan is very excited that he has been asked to present at the OAFM Conference on September 27, 2019 on Mental Health and Addictions in Family Mediation! Please check out the OAFM website (https://www.oafm.on.ca/) or the flyer for the conference (https://www.oafm.on.ca/events/) for more details.

Family Law Now Podcast

Jonathan was honoured to be invited as a guest on Russell Alexander’s great podcast, Family Law Now (https://familyllb.com/podcast/). Please check out Episode 6 (to be released soon), or any of the other excellent episodes that have been made so far. Thanks to Russell for the invite and for making the podcast fun to record!

Trauma Informed Care

Jonathan was invited by Sarah Delicate to provide training titled “The Trauma-informed Approach: Towards Job Seeker Success” for employment counsellors in August 2019. This training will be available soon to download. Thanks to Sarah and Christine Brown for giving Jonathan the opportunity and for all the support they provided.